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The elevator models designed by
Nibav lifts are air driven.

Nibav Home Elevator are powered by the most abundant resources in the world … AIR ! . This modern world transparent self-supporting Elevator is engineered to use AIR pressure for ascending and descending operations. We get all our home elevators delivered in a semi assembled state, this is to reduce our installation time and to maintain quality of installation. With our vision “Now Luxury in Every Home” , this elevator is now being manufactured in INDIA in order to sell this luxury home elevator at an affordable price. Thanks to its unique design, minimal footprint and swift installation, these elevators are the most practical and convenient mobility solution for any home.

As a consumer one of your major concerns would be how the elevator will look inside your residence. Amazingly vacuum lifts easily blend with every home decor and gives your home a luxurious feel. The compact design allows it to fit in any corner of your home without occupying much space and with the 360 degree panoramic view it will ensures that no area of your home gets blocked.


The elevator models designed by Nibav lifts are air driven. They use air as the principal source for the operation of their elevators. Their pneumatic elevators are thus simple but effective in making people travel along the floors using vaccum.


The pneumatic elevators designed by Nibav lifts are customizable and compatible. These lifts do not require a machine room or a shaft and this feature makes it fit in a less space compared to the other models.


Safety comes as a priority in installing a technology inside our home. Apart from the other features of elegancy, affordability and compatibility, being safe to carry the households is the major expectation of any customer.

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7 Reasons To Choose
Vacuum Lift

Nibav Vacuum Elevators are designed to bring the luxury of Home Elevator now in every home. These Affordable Home Elevator Starts from 12.49 Lakhs* Onwards.

360 Degree Panoramic View
CKD(Completely Knocked Down)
Self Supported Structure
Low Maintenance & Environment Friendly
Light Weight
No Pit and Machine Room Required

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