Series II – Integrated with sound proof – G+3



A classy addition to your home, the Series II integrated + soundproof unit comes as a single unit, along with a pin-drop silent cabin for elevated comfort. You can wave a big bye to troublesome noises made by traditional home elevators.

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With pure dedicated craftmanship, the Series II is the signature model of Nibav Home Lifts. Flexibility, adaptability, and convenience are the foundation of the Series II model providing users with accessibility and true comfort. Below are the three units that belong to the Series II line of models.

Integrated : A single unit consisting of the power segment and cabin within the same structure.

Split : Ease of accessibility at best with the power unit fitted outside the home.

Integrated + Soundproof : All the goodness of the Integrated unit along with a pin-drop silent cabin.


Model Series II signature
Head Unit Integrated with Sound Proof
No of Stops Stop 3
Travel Height 7000
Power Supply 230 V – Single Phase
Power Consumption 3.7 KW Max
Load Capacity 210 Kg
Max Speed 0.15 m/s
Certifications Complies to European Home Elevators Standards (Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and CE). Certified Provider


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